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Embrace the transformative power of cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Reliance High-Tech. 

Our independent security integrator status ensures unbiased guidance as you navigate the evolving landscape of cloud infrastructure and AI integration. Explore our dedicated Cloud Services team, offering expert insights, informative blogs, and collaborative partnerships with leading vendors. 

Join us in shaping the future of physical security through seamless cloud integration and AI utilisation. Visit our Tech Talks section for expert assistance and stay ahead in your organisational journey.

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Embracing Innovation: Elevate Your Security with AI

Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier in security, empowering businesses to anticipate and proactively address threats.

Embracing AI

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the security industry, ushering in an era of unparalleled safety and precision. With real-time alerts and advanced surveillance algorithms, AI introduces capabilities surpassing traditional systems. These innovations enhance security efficiency and proactively counteract threats.

Embracing AI enables businesses to not only address security incidents but also provides intelligence that can be used to enhance business operations. 

Simplifying Security: Effortless Adoption of Cloud Solutions

Cloud technologies are reshaping businesses and it's essential for your future success.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions


Access Control Solutions


Video Surveillance Solutions


Intrusion Detection Solutions

The future is clear: the industry is shifting to the cloud, providing simplicity, efficiency, and uniformity in the process. Explore our solutions and take a step towards the future of security.

A Cleaner Digital Footprint

Migrating physical security to cloud-based solutions offers a multitude of environmental benefits. By centralising infrastructure, businesses reduce energy-intensive hardware. Advanced AI and data analytics optimise operations, conserving energy. Commitments to renewable energy sources ensure that these digital security operations have a reduced carbon footprint. 

Additionally, cloud models minimise e-waste by emphasising longevity and efficient resource allocation. In essence, the convergence of cloud technologies with physical security represents not only technological advancement but also an industry-wide shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious approach.

Seamless Integration

We provide solutions that are  designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing infrastructure, offering superior performance without the need to rip and replace, thereby extending the life of your original investment.

Experience the advantage of scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness as you secure your operations with our innovative Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Communications solutions. 

Scalable Solutions

Evolve with confidence. Our cloud-based systems adjust to your needs, easily scaling up or down as your business requires.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for costly physical servers and maintenance.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A cloud video management system (VMS), compared to a traditional on-premise DVR or NVR system, provides significant savings when comparing all the costs to own and operate the technology. The savings which vary by system deployment type, can be substantial.

What is TCO?

Total cost of ownership is a calculation of all direct and indirect costs, both capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX), associated with an asset over a defined period.

Why does it matter?

The savings associated with moving your VMS to the cloud generally range between 20 and 50% compared to costs for hosting the VMS in a corporate data center, whether in-house or third-party operated.

What are the effects?

As cloud and software as a service (SaaS) have evolved, video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) has emerged as the most popular option for businesses seeking to simplify their physical security installations.

The Advantage of Reliance Cloud Services

Today's world operates increasingly in the digital world where the threat landscape continually evolves and changes. Meeting this challenge requires solutions that adapt to change quickly and easily, with minimal impact to a businesses operations.

Our teams pride themselves on our experience and ability to prepare and support our customers. Reliance High-Tech’s expert Cloud Services address customer challenges, help protect their people and assets, and enhance business operations.

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